Fine Keepsake Jewelry

Fine Keepsake Jewelry 

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It's easy! All orders are shipped here for security too.

Choose your piece.  Personalize. Choose what engraving option. 

There is an option where the company will contact us for the fingerprint making easy to complete your order.

Your loved one never leaves our care.

Your loved one never leaves our care.

Worry free estate assistance that we can track 

Locally owned by an Essex couple and not some big company

One of Ontario's most positive online reviewed cremation & funeral companies

Ability to meet 7 days a week, evenings & weekends

Local & homelike facilities

Our crematorium is newer, has longer business hours than most other places

Large selection of urns and keepsakes (no obligation to purchase)

Free keepsake with all services, except the basic cremation

Customized life celebrations

We do offer a budget friendly option for those interested in low cost alternatives

Goodbyes done very well

Goodbyes done very well

We provide a facility that is set up just like your home. Welcoming and warm. Our staff have many suggestions that help you through these difficult times.

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