Immediate Need Form for Burial Families

When pricing a burial - There is the cost of the service, casket, disbursements and tax. Our stationary is usually needed when you have a funeral  service.

Worry free estate assistance

Provided free of charge with any service through Kennedy Funeral Home Limited except the basic cremation.

Includes unlimited death certificates, traceable notification software, postage or hand delivery of

notifications/death certificates and any other assistance as needed even after the fact.

Webcasting of funeral services & slideshows

We were one of if not the first funeral home in Ontario to webcast funeral services & slideshows.

This service has always been free of charge and done as a thank you for choosing us.

A complete list of all the burial services we offer

Click HERE for a listing of services we offer to you. 

Home like facilities

That help families feel welcome and be together.

Casket choices for burial

Click HERE for a list of a wide range of available caskets.

Vault choices for burial

Click HERE for a list of a wide range of commonly selected burial vaults.

You can also use your mobile phone to complete this form. Once completed, please hit submit.

If you miss a box, it will highlight in RED. 

If you feel frustrated with the form or have issues, feel free to call us. Some older computers may experience a problem. 

So if you can't get it on the first try feel free to stop and call us direct at 519-776-7378.

Once submitted you will see a quick screen that says SUCCESSFULLY submitted and you will be redirected to our website.

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