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Essex Centre's only locally owned funeral & cremation service.

We provide celebrations of life, traditional funerals and even very simple cremations.

Our pricing is upfront. We don't add these costs like other places do, such as:

Environmental fees, retrieving medicals from doctors, Municipal registration costs & after hour fees.

We might be the only funeral home in Ontario paying for portion of a cremation fee. It's a small portion, but

                                                                                    nonetheless it's pretty unique.

                                                                                    Kennedy's has been webcasting funerals & slideshows way longer than most companies in this Province. Our                                                                                          experience/equipment on that speaks for it self. Examples - Click here

                                                                                    Virtually no staff turnover. You see the same people year after year.

Kennedy's always provides free:

  • Life tribute slideshows with copies on both DVD and USB. Master of Ceremony service by our staff if needed.
  • Coffee, tea, pop and bake goods for visitations.
  • Estate care & identity theft - where we handle all those notifications you don't want to do (not included with the basic cremation service).
  • Free hand delivery of cremated remains for our friends outside of Essex.

Our prices are fair and extremely transparent

On this website we disclose everything like our low cost cremation options through our family of companies like the Caring Cremation Centre.

It is very difficult to find this type of transparency at any other funeral home in Windsor/Essex County. Other funeral homes have similar options, they just may not disclose it as openly as we do.  

Kennedy's is much more than a business. More and more families from Leamington to Windsor are seeing and experiencing our commitment to quality care.