Thank you for visiting with us

We are Essex Centre's only locally owned funeral & cremation service. 

Our prices are fair from a cremation that is simple to an elaborate send off.

We offer no pressure advise as well as awesome staff, including our very own comfort dog.

Kennedy's has top notch sound equipment and Hollywood quality webcasting ability. Examples - Click here

A short 15-20 minute drive is all it takes to get amazing care and perhaps save a significant amount of money.

Kennedy's always provides free:

  • Life tribute slideshows with copies on both DVD and USB. Master of Ceremony service by our staff if needed.
  • Coffee, tea, pop and bake goods for visitations. (once again after Covid restrictions lift)
  • 0 % financing for a prepaid ceremony, cremation or burial. Yes, you heard that correct and up to 3 years.
  • Estate care & identity theft - where we handle all those notifications you don't want to do. (not included with the basic cremation service)
  • Free hand delivery of cremated remains for our friends outside of Essex.

Shopping around? Here's a nice list of tools for your success

Ask these questions:

  • Are you locally owned? Be specific though, who really owns the company. 
  • Are you legally allowed to offer ceremonies. Some cremation companies can't help you with organizing a funeral for instance.
  • Do you offer any low cost alternatives? Some companies may not share that they have other options through a sister company. (WE disclose everything)
  • If you find out after that there is a low cost option through an affiliated company, why wasn't it offered to begin with?
  • Does your price really include everything? 
  • Go in and meet the funeral director. Compare apples to apples.

What to be careful of...

Anyone that claims to be the most affordable, the cheapest, the best, or even does things so differently.

  • You will never here us say that we are the least expensive. In our opinion there is always someone who will provide a service for less money.
  • We never claim to be the best, but we know have a great following with real reviews online.
  • All providers do somethings unique and yet we all provide something similar. It's the staff and atmosphere that might be the key difference.
  • Check online reviews of the company - might be surprised that many of the reviews are their own employees! Look at Google & Facebook for instance
  • Low payment plans. Do the math. Number of years   x   your payment. You may be shocked what your actually paying! It shocks us!

Any funeral or cremation provider must comply with the following

  • Have a downloadable price list on their website (We were the first to do this in Essex County - long before being required to do so)

Sincerely Tony & Jenn de Ryk